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How To Apply?

Found a property you love? Your next step is to submit an application. When browsing our available properties below, please select the “Apply Now” button next to the address of the home you wish to apply for. We strive to respond to applications within 24-48 business hours whenever possible.

Application Requirements:

In addition to the rental application, you will also be required to provide a copy of a valid form of identification, a color photo, taken in the past 6 months, of your full face, two (2) years of residential history as well as contact information for your rental references and sixty (60) days proof of income, which can be attached to the application. Please note, if you are providing pay stubs and are paid bi-weekly, this would mean four (4) pay stubs are required. THREE AND A HALF (3.5) TIMES THE MONTHLY RENT IN GROSS HOUSEHOLD INCOME IS REQUIRED. For properties with rents of one thousand ($1,000) dollars or greater we require credit scores of six hundred (600) and above for approval. For properties with rents below one thousand ($1,000) dollars we require credit scores of five hundred and fifty (550) and above for approval. No evictions within the last five (5) years. Co-signers are permitted only for students who are currently enrolled in higher education. EACH PERSON EIGHTEEN (18) OR OLDER THAT WILL BE LIVING AT THE PROPERTY MUST SUBMIT A SEPARATE RENTAL APPLICATION AND FEE. APPLICATIONS CAN BE GROUPED TOGETHER AFTER SUBMISSION IF NEEDED. If the property is pet friendly and animals will be listed on the application, please provide a color photo of each pet and attach vet records to the application.

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